Bill O'Reilly's advertiser exodus is even worse than it looks

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump defended the TV host, telling the Times, "I don't think Bill did anything wrong".

O'Reilly has co-authored several best-sellers in recent years and plans two more book releases in June focusing on the end of World War II.

"The O'Reilly Factor" is losing advertisers after it was revealed five women have collectively received $13 million in settlements after accusing Bill O'Reilly of sexual harassment or inappropriate conduct. Since the report, more than 30 companies have yanked commercials from "The O'Reilly Factor". The alleged payouts have prompted at least 38 advertisers to pull spots from "The O'Reilly Factor".

Since The New York Times had revealed five settlements amounting to $13 million made by O'Reilly or Fox News against the allegations, the news channel has lost almost 15 of its advertisers. The Fox News host, whose show has been abandoned by dozens of advertisers, hasn't admitted any wrongdoing.

Bill O'Reilly, the host of Fox News' popular talkshow "The O'Reilly Factor", is on tenuous ground as a growing number of companies pull advertisements from his show. She did so on Twitter on Wednesday, informing the President that while he urged O'Reilly not to settle the cases, women making accusations against O'Reilly, Ailes, and others, had no choice but to settle - it was in their contract.

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The advertising exodus from Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show is having an impact on the format of the program itself. These included a Fox News favorite MyPillow, SimpliSafe home security system, and the drug Entyvio (owned by the pharmaceutical company Takeda). "If they continue to do this in the way that they have done, they need to go to jail", Waters told MSNBC's Chris Hayes, adding that Trump "didn't do himself any good" in defending O'Reilly, but that she was "not surprised" that he did.

Waters also had some words for Ivanka Trump, the president's "special assistant" and a self-declared advocate for women who's done a less-than-impressive job of championing women's issues.

Just last week, O'Reilly was forced to apologize for a glib remark he made about Waters' hair.

"This really is a sexual harassment enterprise", Waters said.

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