Lawyer says man dragged off plane has concussion, lost teeth

Ed Burke (14th Ward), John Slater, vice president of operations for United Airlines at O'Hare International Airport, acknowledged "there's no script" for how it involuntarily deplanes a passenger.

The man dragged off a United Airlines flight in an incident that sparked an global uproar suffered a broken nose and concussion, his lawyer said, adding that he is planning to sue.

Dao is at a "secure location" continuing his recovery and will speak publicly at some point, Demetrio said.

A man dragged screaming off a United Airlines flight described his ordeal as more horrifying than his experiences in the Vietnam War. Pepper, who lives in Chicago, says the entire family has been deeply affected by the incident that occurred last Sunday night.

Demetrio said his client accepts the apology.

Dao's wife was told to leave the plane after he was dragged off, Golan said. Under federal law, airlines are allowed to remove passengers from a flight for failing to comply with instructions from the crew.

"We were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what happened and to see what happened", the daughter, Crystal Dao Pepper said. Chicago city officials opened a hearing, calling the incident a "nightmare".

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An Aviation Department spokeswoman did not respond to questions about the duties of the aviation police force, but Zalewski said the agency's commissioner will be asked that on Thursday.

And Ald. Ed Burke, 14th, suggested taxpayers will end up bearing the brunt of a lawsuit.

While Richard and Linda have been vocal about the potentially unsafe experience, the incident happened to occur on the same day a passenger was dragged out of a flight traveling from Chicago to Louisville. "Chicago employees should not be doing the dirty work for the "Friendly Skies" Airline". After what happened, Dao "has no interest in ever seeing an airplane" and will probably be driven to Kentucky, Demetrio said.

Despite this confusion, United Chief Executive Oscar Munoz as part of an apology said as part of a review it would scrutinize "how we handle oversold situations".

The day before, they filed an emergency petition asking United Airlines and the city of Chicago preserve all evidence relevant to this case. They also said a lawsuit was forthcoming.

"For a long time, airlines, United in particular, have bullied us". Munoz previously said the airline offered up to $1,000.

Dr David Dao told WLKY TV he was still recovering in hospital in Chicago after having injured "everything". "It hit my nail more than my skin, I think" he said.

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