White House Trump still under audit wont release taxes

Donald Trump at Republican debates

White House Trump still under audit wont release taxes

"It's been covered before".

During the daily press briefing, Eamon Javers, the Washington correspondent for CNBC, asked Spicer if the president would release his tax documents for 2016 "given that we can assume maybe that those are not themselves under audit".

Presidents have released their tax returns going back to Richard Nixon and Trump could release his returns, audit or no audit.

Trump's argument against releasing his taxes - that he's under audit - has been repeatedly debunked. "Sixty-four percent of Republicans think that President Trump should publicly release his tax returns, according to a survey conducted by Global Strategy Group", The Hill reported April 13th. The call for nationwide protests to seek Trump's returns was made by the Indivisible Project, an anti-Trump coalition organized by former congressional staffers. Obviously there's some period of time between the day he files and the day he gets his (supposedly) annual "you're being audited" letter when he could publish his return.

"I'd hate to break it to people who want to see his taxes, but the best route is really a political process one - that is, putting political pressure on him", Muller said.

Trump is the first president in four decades to not release his tax returns.

Spicer did not offer the IRS rule as a reason for Trump's refusal to release his 2016 taxes on Monday. In January, shortly before his inauguration, Trump told the press that he wouldn't release the returns because only the media cares about his returns and that the American people do not.

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"The only way we can know what kind of business ties our president has with businesses all over the world is by looking at his tax returns". An increasing number of congressional Republicans have used the opportunity to insist Trump disclose his own returns or face insurmountable opposition as he attempts to satisfy another one of his campaign promises. That process is fast-tracked, but Trump's files will take longer to look over than previous presidents because of his huge wealth and holdings.

Jon tweeted a photo of a placard showing Star Wars villain Darth Vader next to a picture of Trump with the caption "Taxi Vader".

"When they talk about tax reform, are they talking about cutting Donald Trump's taxes by millions of dollars a year?" asked Ezra Levin, of the Tax March executive committee. They chose to protest the weekend before national Tax Day, which is Tuesday, April 18. Polling suggests that a vast majority of Americans believe candidates should release their returns. We litigated this all through the election.

"I did what was an nearly an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College!" he tweeted.

Trump: "I have no objection to certainly showing tax returns".

Then-Senator Barack Obama's tax returns in 2008 reflected a huge spike in charitable donations during his presidential campaign.

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