Street Fighter 5 gets iconic Thailand stage as DLC

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Street Fighter V takes Thailand to school with new DLC

While we wait to find out more about the remaining characters in Street Fighter V's Season 2 DLC, I suppose this will have to tide us over.

25 years later, Capcom has remastered the stage and next week will release it as premium DLC for Street Fighter 5.

There's a bunch of cool concept art for the remastered Thailand stage in Street Fighter V , so be sure to check it out.

As Eurogamer notes, the stage has been recreated right down to the carvings on the bells, and its memorable musical track. So, for those who wish to revisit Thailand and attempt to give M. Bison a thrashing in the latest installment in the series for old times' sake, they can do so when the Thailand stage comes out on April 25, 2017 after paying $4 for it. These school uniform outfits will be available for the characters of Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri.

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Later on in the post, developers revealed that the planned balance update as well as the next Season 2 DLC character are being developed for the new CFN, and thus, they can not be released until the CFN update is also ready to be deployed. As a matter of fact, fans should expect to come across even more downloadable items in the future as the fighting game's post-launch support could last well into 2020.

And Juri has a Gothic schoolgirl look. The three costumes can be bought for $3.99 each.

The school costume of Ryu is based on the looks of a stereotypical Japanese Bancho, which is the term for a student gang leader, with his coat's lining depicting a battle between a tiger and a dragon.

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