Trump orders another review of post-financial crisis regulations on Wall Street

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President Donald Trump announced April 21 that he intends to unveil his tax cutting plan April 26.

The second ordered review will look at a separate part of the Dodd-Frank law that called on federal regulators to identify which financial institutions were large enough to merit enhanced regulation, as their collapse could destabilize the economy as a whole. He would not provide details of the plan, saying only that the tax cuts will be "bigger I believe than any tax cut ever".

Trump did not give a specific day on which the White House will lay out the plan, pointing only to "Wednesday or shortly thereafter". "The process has begun long ago, but it really formally begins on Wednesday", the president said at the Treasury Department, where he signed three presidential directives aimed at further protecting USA workers and taxpayers. However, senior Trump administration officials indicated that the border adjustment plan is not likely to survive.

Also important, this is just more clear evidence that Trump has no idea what he's doing, nor does the White House.

President Trump signed an executive order yesterday aimed at simplifying the tax code as his administration moves toward a full overhaul that the Treasury secretary says is coming "soon".

Late Friday, a White House official said the announcement would include an outline of tax overhaul priorities and principles.

"Loans of the kind banks made before 2008 are the poison of any financial system", Frankel said. "I mean, they've done really, in many cases, the opposite of what they were supposed to".

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Unlike a broader past executive order created to roll back the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, the landmark legislation passed in wake of the financial crisis, Friday's executive memorandum focused on the orderly liquidation authority part of Dodd-Frank.

Mnuchin said Thursday that the tax cuts would be fully paid for.

"The Treasury Department is the guardian of America's wealth, and a world wide symbol of American prestige", President Trump said a during brief statement before the signing.

"If you get rid of OLA without a realistic mechanism to liquidate a (mega bank) then you're setting yourself on the road to taxpayer bailouts", said Marcus Stanley, policy director for Americans for Financial Reform, a group that supported the passage of Dodd Frank.

Trump's remarks came just days after Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin appeared to suggest that the tax cuts may not be enforced quickly. "We're taking steps to make our economy more fair and prosperous for all", he said.

Morgan Stanley, which also sees little hope for taxes this year, said that some budget hawks have softened their stances, and can live with "deficit expansion" - meaning they'd cut taxes without finding a way to pay for them.

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