Amazon unveil a camera that will judge your outfit

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One of the hot new products in the last quarter of 2017, is set to be Amazon Echo the voice activation system that is tipped to be launched by Amazon as part of their entry into the Australian market.

Amazon just added a new device to its family of voice-enabled speakers: the Echo Look, which includes a built-in camera for taking photos and recording video. You can then save them to the Echo Look app to "create a personal lookbook" containing all your outfits.

The Style Check feature means that through machine learning, and "experts", you're never lacking for fashion advice. However, you can hit the source link and request an invite to buy one of these devices for yourself for $200. Owners can simply say "Alexa, take a picture" and the Echo Look will snap away.

Since the Echo Look is likely to be used in a bedroom or other common changing area, and hacking the camera could potentially give malicious viewers a live look into your space, the device could give rise to heightened privacy concerns.

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The camera, which is available by invitation only in the United States costing $200 (£156), stands on a shelf armed with four LEDs for lighting, a depth-sensing system and a microphone array to receive commands just like Amazon's other Alexa-powered Echo and Echo Dot. Use Style Check for a second opinion on what looks best.

But Amazon didn't share many details about the computers, or the humans, powering Echo Look.

The Echo Look isn't going to be for everyone, because not everyone cares all that much about fashion, and even some of those folks that do will probably be fine using a mirror to critique their outfit.

Outside the style advice, the Echo Look aims to make the photos look less like they were taken from a compact camera by applying background blur. It's very obvious that Amazon wants to have an upper hand when it comes to fashion retail and the Echo Look is more of a lifestyle option.

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