Copyless Paste Feature Introduced in Chrome for Android, Feature Being Tested

One of the new tricks added to the latest version of Chrome for Android now allows users to view and manage in-progress downloads.

Heads up, Chrome for Android users, because a new update is coming your way.

The new Chrome version's release was announced on April 25 and Google shared that it was pushed out only after thorough testing in the beta channel.

So, say you are in Chrome, looking for a restaurant to take your significant other out to and you think you have found the flawless place.

Lately, Google has been adding new features across it various platforms like Google Maps, YouTube, Google Search, and others. Here's how Google explains its Copyless Paste feature. Chrome for Android is quick to use and pages look good and there are a couple of interesting way to interact with your browser. Post the update, the redesigned "History Page" on the browser will facilitate easier viewing and deletion of browsing data.

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Google shared that there are many more changes the new build brings users' way. These are detailed in the Google Git log. And it seems as though Google has inadvertently given us our first look at one of them.

Prior to the Chrome 58 update, Google released the Chrome 57 update on April 20.

However, as the focus has been put more on performance and stability related issues Chrome 58 update does bring new capabilities. Google started to work on this feature in February and the copyless paste feature will arrive in next month.

If you are already using Chrome as your main browser on your PC or Mac, you'll be aware that it is possible to synchronize not only information such as your bookmarked sites and browser settings between computers, but also open tabs. These suggestions were based on the user's surroundings.

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