Gorsuch Full of Questions in First US Supreme Court Argument

If the court rules in favor of the church, it could narrow the separation between church and state. But the newest justice was not shy. "Now Justice Gorsuch will be able to weigh in on these cases addressing
issues from transgender bathrooms and workplace discrimination to redistricting and environmental policy".

"This is unbelievably complicated...."

"It's not unreasonable to think that Congress used the English language according to its conventions", he wrote, before proceeding to explain each verb in the statute and how the adverbial prepositional phrases modify them. "Someone who takes pleasure in taking the wings off flies?" Above the Law reported that all eight have previously clerked for him and four have previously clerked for Supreme Court justices, including Alito, Sotomayor and Scalia. But Gorsuch again seemed skeptical, suggesting that what Landau was in fact asking the justices to do was to "just continue to make it up".

Justice Elena Kagan noted that the court has had a contrary interpretation for decades.

"I think I am maybe emphatically agreeing with you", Landau said after one exchange with Gorsuch. Gorsuch asked at another point.

But in an unusual move, the court delayed oral arguments, which will take place on Wednesday. Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, was sworn in last week, becoming the 113th person to serve on the Supreme Court.

The justices, with the exception of the usually silent Clarence Thomas, are known for their aggressive questioning, and Gorsuch showed no qualms about jumping right in.

Local National Day of Prayer observance set for May 4
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Court officials said Gorsuch had decided not to participate in Thursday's closed-door conference because he wanted to prepare for the three days of oral arguments this week.

There are about 10 cases apparently being held, likely awaiting a decisive vote from Gorsuch on whether to grant review.

Before they took the bench on Monday, the justices did one thing that was symbolic in its timing. There is no expectation at the high court that new justices are to be seen and not heard, but the 49-year-old rookie seemed to push the envelope a bit. He quickly proved himself to be an active, persistent questioner.

Gorsuch responded by thanking Roberts and the other justices for the "warm welcome" that he had received. Justice Samuel Alito said to laughter.

Gorsuch repeatedly suggested it would be, quote, "a lot simpler", or, quote, "a lot easier if we just follow the text of the statute". "Nobody who is not a lawyer and no ordinary lawyer could read these statutes and figure out what they are supposed to do", he told the government's lawyer.

In addition to Gorsuch's impressive educational record, his career in the legal field has proven him as a level-headed interpreter of the Constitution. She should be in prison, and if you are honest you know it.

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