Now You Can See Your Uber Rating Right In The App

Users will see their rating on a scale of 0 to 5 stars right below their names in the app starting Wednesday, the ride-hailing giant announced. As for ratings for Uber POOL, changes are being made to help keep drivers' ratings from being impacted by factors that may be beyond their control, like passengers making the ride less than stellar for other passengers, or bad matches being made via Uber's algorithm. Annoying co-passengers lead to low ratings for UberPool rides. It'll be there soon.

For those dissatisfied with their ratings, Uber has a few tips to become a five-star rider - most of which can just be boiled down to "be respectful".

In lieu of encouraging better rider behavior, the passenger/rider rating have been moved for a better visibility and access.

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Uber's Rating system is one of those areas of the company that feels like it has been mostly static in important ways where it could use changes, and Uber's definitely doing more to try to fix existing relationships with drivers and build new ones. Given that numerous issues with these sorts of rides are often "outside a driver's control", according to Uber, the rating system is being adjusted to allow for more passenger feedback. While the first one being encouraging better rider behaviour, it also wants to ensure both the driver, as well as riders get an equal and fair chance to speak their side of the story. These changes are created to make things fairer for both drivers and riders alike. I don't know anyone who forgets that drivers rate them, too. Selecting such reasons won't affect driver's rating.

Also at issue in the update is Uber's strained relationship with its drivers.

These are relatively minor changes to the Uber app, but the company hopes that both will have a positive impact on that way that riders behave and the way that drivers are rated.

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