Will Google launch its own Bluetooth headphones soon? (Probably not)

Will Google launch its own Bluetooth headphones soon? (Probably not)

Will Google launch its own Bluetooth headphones soon? (Probably not)

You might be wondering why Google is making headphones that aren't really that powerful or... interesting. Previous year in month of November, Google hosted hardware Day, where they announced the Pixel smartphone, the Chromecast Ultra dongle, Google Home, and more.

Everybody assumed that meant Google had secretly developed new wireless hardware for consumers, or at the very least, it made some swag gear for its upcoming Google I/O event in May.

Google appears to be planning to release its own Bluetooth on-ear headphones and recently obtained Federal Communications Commission certification.

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The headphones feature Active Noise Canceling (ANC) that can be switched on and off using a dedicated toggle. Reports on the headphones picked up as well as speculation as to why Google might be plotting to sell Bluetooth headphones. Images included in the filing reveal that it has a power button on one side and a Google logo. Looking at the spotted images, the cups have thick padding, nearly bordering on being ugly. It wouldn't make sense to launch standalone headphones that don't even have Google Assistant baked in, let alone more recent ports like USB Type-C. An anonymous tipster told Android Police the headphones are actually intended for Google employees. "Google issues headphones to a large number of its employees, and the current model is getting quite long in the tooth", AP reported.

So yep, no reason to get excited.

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