Apple Patent Transforms Wi-Fi Routers Into Wireless Chargers For Your Devices

With the aforementioned potential risks that will affect iPhone 8 shipments this year, Kuo accustomed the shipping estimations for the handset. This goes in line with previously leaked images by Twitter user Benjamin Geskin which also hinted at the fact that the upcoming iPhone will feature a glass back with a 2.5D curved glass and a vertical dual camera setup. This is something that has been one of the more consistent rumours about the new iPhone.

The technology is expected to replace OLED displays in the Apple Watch and may allow in-display fingerprint scanning when combined with infrared diodes, according to a recent patent filing. This does imply that the entirety of the front panel might be the display.

Some analysts also believe that if the company doesn't scrap its plan to embed the Touch ID into the phone's display, it may have to delay the iPhone 8's launch.

But that's not all that Geskin tipped people about.

The volume rockers and mute switch are on the left hand-side of the alleged iPhone 8, while a sleep/wake is on the right. Curiously, the flash is situated in between the two camera sensors.

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The US Patent & Trademark Office, meanwhile, published on Thursday an Apple patent application titled Wireless Charging and Communications Systems With Dual-Frequency Patch Antennas that describes antenna technology that would support simultaneous wireless charging and Wi-Fi support on a device. Quickly, a Powermat representative corrected the CEO's remarks, claiming that it was only speculation and not knowing anything about the future apple smartphone. The wireless charging modules are proving troublesome as well according to the report.

Apple will pose a design change for iPhone 8 case but it's also expected to work on optimizing the interior design of the new iPhone. This would seem like a pretty good indication of what is to come.

The two new models accounted for 68 percent of USA iPhone sales this for the April 1 quarter.

Also, the technology on which it is based, the OLED screen of iPhone 8 will consume less energy due to the lack of backlight. If it is true, however, it indicates that the physical redesign of the iPhone 8 is what Apple is betting on, and not its processor performance. Last year, Apple broke its typical upgrade cycle by retaining the same iPhone shape for a third year in a row and endured a rare sales slide. It will be known for its complete renovation in the section of design and in hardware.

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