Michael Bisping Says Georges St-Pierre Cancellation is News to Him

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After UFC 211, Dana White was asked about fighters, including former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold, asking for big fights and title shots.

White indicated that he pulled St-Pierre from the fight after the Canadian posted a video to Instagram telling Bisping that he had cleared his scheduled and would fight anytime "after October".

"So yeah, to clarify, as of right now, no official word from the UFC". So we're not waiting for Georges St-Pierre any more. St. -Pierre won't be able to fight until November at the earliest, and instead, Yoel Romero with challenge Bisping for the middleweight title, says White, although that fight hasn't officially been confirmed. I can't exercise, I can't train.

The UFC president has a reputation for engaging Twitter trolls more than a multi-millionaire ought to and his suggestion that "I usually never respond", was jumped upon by certain followers.

"Our division is hot right now, they've got good matchups, but they're just not putting the champion to work".

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"I want to fight Bisping and I think Bisping wants to fight me", he said. You've got Rockhold screaming, "I deserve this" - you just got knocked out in the first round. Let us know below PENN Nation!

"I was offered the fight in January or February and it did materialize and we had a press conference and we shook hands and we stood there in Las Vegas and we talked a bit of s-t".

Bisping went on to elaborate that GSP's interest in delaying their bout was a "blessing in disguise" as recent injuries have hindered him from training. Having the top two contenders fighting for an interim title would create a sense of importance and keeps the division moving. "So that's another reason why this played out into the flawless scenario for me". So okay, I haven't had a bout agreement but that is the plan.

Chances are Bisping's critics are going to jump all over this, but if the champ can't fight in the next couple of months, then maybe the GSP fight will still take place? "That was the offer and I accepted and I kind of feel that once a deal is made, we should stick to it". I think that's probably the top of it. I think they need title fights on the pay-per-views, which I understand. They need title fights on the pay-per-views, which I understand. "But like I said, we did have a deal so I'd like to speak with the UFC and find out what's happening".

Last week, White told Fox Sports in Australia that the proposed middleweight title fight was cancelled. "Robert Whittaker is there and Gegard [Mousasi] as well but I've got a fight booked and until I hear any differently from an official source, I'm expecting to fight GSP".

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