The French Election Results Aren't as Clear as They Seem

Getty Images              Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Trogneux after they cast their votes Sunday

Getty Images Newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte Trogneux after they cast their votes Sunday

"It's possible for all these companies, big or small, to have a foot in London and a foot in Paris because the relationship between the two cities will be more and more tied and important".

The party's Vice President, Florian Philippot, who is gay, said the party must now undergo major change, with a new name being inevitable.

Macron handily defeated far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen in Sunday's presidential runoff, and now must pull together a majority of lawmakers in the mid-June legislative election. Brigitte was Macron's French teacher when he was a student in Amiens.

But Le Pen's historic score of 33.9 per cent, or 10.6 million votes, showed the far right to be a formidable force in a country wracked by concern over immigration, national identity and globalisation.

Macron, 39, has promised to rejuvenate France's jaded governing class by bringing more people into parliament who, like him, have never held elected office.

The abstention rate was 22.23 percent for during the first round of the election on April 23, making it the first time since the 1969 election that turnout was lower in the second round than in the first.

Numerous votes cast were not for Macron, rather "it was a protest vote against Marine Le Pen", he said.

Although the centrist politician faces a huge task ahead to unite a fractured and anxious country, his win has been greeted with relief by European Union leaders and financial markets.

The 54-year-old centrist on the pro-business wing of the Socialists quit his premiership under outgoing President Francois Hollande last December but failed in his bid to clinch the Socialist nomination for president.

Trump congratulated Macron on his victory during a telephone call on Monday, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated the importance of the election outcome.

FORMER French prime minister Manuel Valls announced his defection to president-elect Emmanuel Macron's party yesterday. He became the new president on May 7 after starting a new political movement just over a year ago.

Gambian authorities seize ex-president Jammeh's bank accounts
Gambia's strongman Jammeh who ruled the country with an iron fist for 22 years lost to Adama Barrow on December 1. The personal assets of Jammeh been frozen included bank accounts and local companies in his name.

Putin said, "The citizens of France have entrusted you to lead the country in a period that is hard for Europe and for all of world society".

He did emphasize explicitly that he was "aware of the anger, doubt and anxiety" felt by many people in France, and that they had expressed those feelings in their vote.

"I will defend France, its vital interests, its image", France's new President-elected stated. Though she said it was her first meeting with Putin, French investigative journalists and her father, Jean Marie Le Pen, suggested it could have been at least her second meeting with the Russian leader.

"I will fight with all my strength against the divisions that separate us".

As a mood of optimism swept Paris, Jean-Louis Missika, the city's deputy mayor in charge of economic development, said: "Mr Macron will make France a world platform for start-uppers, researchers, the innovation economy and fintech".

The National Front in France was regrouping after the presidential race. "I look very much forward to working with him!"

Though Macron's victory is considered positive for the region's economy and the euro currency, stocks had risen strongly in the previous two weeks on expectations of his win.

Helen Lhuillier, a 73-year-old French Canadian who has lived in France for 40 years and attended his supporters' victory rally outside the Louvre museum, said she liked Macron's "policies and his personality, his enthusiasm".

World leaders have been responding the election of Emmanuel Macron.

"The task that awaits us, my fellow citizens, is enormous and starts tomorrow".

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