Turkey summons United States ambassador over Washington brawl

Witnesses at the scene last week confirmed this account to AFP, and on Monday the US State Department did not back down in the face of Turkey's complaint. "Seeing how few US police officers were acting against the riot. a group including the president's security detail and the Turkish police stepped in", they reported, calling the protesters "terrorist group supporters".

The Turkish ambassador, Serdar Kilic, "met Wednesday with Under Secretary of State Thomas Shannon - a day after the embassy violence", according to the VOA report.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry said it had summoned the US Ambassador to Ankara, John Bass, to be given a "written and verbal protest" over the brief detention of two official security personnel. "People have the right in our country to peacefully demonstrate and they were peacefully demonstrating".

In a statement, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said USA authorities acted "contrary to diplomatic rules and practices" and called for a full investigation into the incident.

Turkish state media and pro-government media has portrayed the incident as one where the Turkish side was forced to defend itself after coming under attack from "terrorists" amid a lack of USA precautions. The Trump administration has received criticism for not speaking out more forcefully against the actions of Turkish personnel, who appear to have flagrantly abused diplomatic immunity to attack peaceful protesters and then retreat into the safety of the Turkish embassy.

Erdogan and his thugs insist the protesters have connections to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), which the U.S. has listed as a terrorist group.

Some U.S. lawmakers, including Arizona Sen.

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The Turkish Foreign Ministry now says the United States ambassador has been given a "written and verbal protest" over the US's handling of the situation.

Two senior lawmakers wrote a letter to Erdogan last week calling on the White House to remove the Turkish ambassador to the US for allowing the guards to interfere with the First Amendment rights of Americans.

Turkish society is highly polarized now, and Erdoğan has resorted more and more to violence against his opponents, said Soner Cagaptay of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Monday, Ankara summoned the US ambassador and called for an investigation.

Following the State Department saying they had "concern" about the beatdown of protesters, some of whom were waving a Kurdish organization's flag.

Several members of Congress pushed more forceful action against members of the Turkish security detail.

The ministry formally requested that the US authorities conduct a "full investigation" into the diplomatic incident and "provide the necessary explanation".

"I would put this in the category of trolling", Cook said.

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