Boehner: Trump's term 'disaster,' aside from foreign affairs

Even John Boehner Thinks Donald Trump's Presidency Has Been Abysmal So Far

Boehner: Trump's term 'disaster,' aside from foreign affairs

Everything President Trump has done in office, apart from worldwide affairs and foreign policy, has been a "complete disaster", says former House Speaker John Boehner.

And while he praised Trump's aggressive steps to challenge the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria militant group and other moves in worldwide affairs, he was highly critical of the President's other early efforts.

"Everything else he's done [in office] has been a complete disaster", Boehner said of Trump.

President Trump's administration has been a disaster and has little chance of passing legislation, despite a majority, according to a Republican statesman.

He said Trump was a friend and golf partner who would offer Boehner encouragement.

Later in his remarks, however, Mr Boehner had some positive things to say about Mr Trump's foreign policy.

The former speaker's comments echo those of several other prominent Republicans, who have claimed the Trump White House is "in a downward spiral" and "reaching Watergate size and scale". He said the border adjustment tax touted by many Republicans is "deader than a doornail".

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"Republicans never ever agree on health care", he said, adding that full repeal and replacement is "not going to happen".

He's also no longer as optimistic the Republican-controlled Congress will be able to overhaul the tax code, describing it as "just a bunch of happy talk". A revised version of the bill later passed the House by one extra vote.

Boehner made the dubious claim that Trump had done what he could with healthcare (I don't think anyone can claim that Trump rolled out his healthcare plan well or did the best that could have been done with an alternative plan), but said he should have worked to fix Obamacare.

Boehner also downplayed concerns over the Russian Federation scandal swirling around the White House, saying investigators "need to get to the bottom of this", but that "impeachment is not a legal process; it's a political process".

John Boehner is happy smoking his cigarettes and drinking red wine.

In addition, he maintained the president should not use Twitter and that he "never envisioned" Trump would become president.

As speaker, Boehner promised numerous times to repeal and replace Obamacare in full, and even presided over a 2013 government shutdown aimed at taking money away from the law. I iron my own clothes.

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