Schapelle Corby's final day in Bali

Corby was spared the death sentence only due to her young age

Corby was spared the death sentence only due to her young age

With TV cameras outside her home in Bali, photographers snapping her every move and round-the-clock coverage from the media, many are comparing Schapelle's treatment to that of a "celebrity". "She can run, walk, eat, so, no problem".

"When she gets here and settles in, we'll just have to make sure we get her out and about", Ms Rose told theCourier Mail on Thursday.

She is forbidden from speaking to journalists as part of her parole conditions.

For weeks, officials had been at pains to stress Corby was an ordinary criminal - "nothing special" - and her deportation would be "SOP" - standard operating procedure.

Dr Agung Hartawan from Kerobokan jail visits Schapelle Corby's house in Kuta lane with a parole officer to check her health.

"She refused a medical test. What for? She looked fine, still the same as I saw her the last time at the jail".

"I'm getting excited now - it's been 12-and-a-half years coming", she said.

There was initially some doubt that she would be cleared for deportation so soon - but Indonesian Justice officials have confirmed that she is all clear to leave the country. I can't imagine how you must feel being harassed constantly, ' another said.

Now after nearly a decade behind bars in Kerobokan jail - "sleeping alongside rats, feral cats and fifteen girls in a tiny, stinking hot-cell that partly floods with human waste whenever the Balinese hole-in-the-ground toilet blocks", she wrote in her autobiography My Story - and after three years of parole, she is finally a free woman.

Corby had been holed up for days in the laneway Kuta villa she shared with her brother Michael and boyfriend Ben Panangian, too scarred by terrifying memories of predatory media packs to venture outside.

He said when they arrived Corby shook the doctor's hand and kissed the cheek of his nurse, Rusmawati. There will be plenty of beaches in Australia, but Ms Bonella believes the thing she will value most is "going home to be with her family and free of restrictions and the threat of being put back in jail".

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"I don't see the security threat for her but this is the responsibility as police, whether there is a threat or not the police must have responsible (sic) for security", Mr Sumara said.

Her departure marks the end of Corby's long battle with Indonesian officials which began when they uncovered 4.2kg of marijuana in her bodyboard bag in Denpasar airport in October 2004. She must remain in Indonesia until 2017 and can be returned to prison to complete her sentence during that time. I felt that Corby can still rehabilitate herself so the death sentence is not the punishment.

Mercedes Corby's estranged husband, Wayan Widyartha, filmed the media at the house.

Queensland police were seen at the home of Corby's mother, Rosleigh Rose yesterday, where they were discussing her arrival in Australia on Sunday.

"I have to do the security by increasing the police keeping guard on the streets around here".

Schapelle Corby is looking forward to a "peaceful" life on her return to Australia.

He said the media frenzy surrounding Corby had been even greater than with the Connor case, more than a decade later. "We just focus on the area, so there is no vulnerability, insecurity or any security problem in the area" Mr Sumara said.

She also had bodyguard to the stars John McLeod, who has provided security for Leonard Cohen, Roger Federer and the Dalai Lama.

Corby was required to attend at the prosecutor's office one last time but a stand off with officials continues in regard to that and it appears unlikely she will report there today.

Flashback: Schapelle Corby at the time of her arrest.

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