Labour spending plans to create £58bn hole in public finances, claim Tories

General secretary Russell Hobby said: "It is encouraging that the Labour Party is committing to extra funding for education".

Much of Labour's manifesto was already familiar after last week's leak of a draft version but the full document highlights the starkness of the choice facing British voters on June 8th.

"I say to our children, whatever the postcode you're born in, we will make sure you have the same chance as every other child".

Mr Corbyn drew on his campaign slogan as he concluded: "Our proposals are of hope for the many all over this country, and I'm very proud to present our manifesto for the many, not the few".

He described it as a "Britain for the rich and the elite and the vested interests" while millions have struggled.

According to analysis by the Institute For Fiscal Studies think-tank, 500,000 people who earn between £80,000 and £100,000 would pay an extra £400 a year, while the 50,000 people on more than £500,000 would all lose at least £22,000 a year.

"Our manifesto is for you".

Mr Corbyn's comments about the manifesto process may be viewed as an attempt to show that the whole party - rather than just his allies - were involved in drawing up the policy platform.

"It will lead us through Brexit while putting the preservation of jobs first", he said, appearing in front of Labour's election manifesto: "For the many, not the few".

He received big cheers for stating Labour will scrap tuition fees to ensure it lifts the "debt cloud" from hundreds of thousands of young people.

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Mr McCluskey's remarks will also be seen by Mr Corbyn's enemies in the party as evidence that the Labour leadership has all but given up hope of winning the election, despite claims that he is fighting to win.

A pledge to ban zero hour contracts to guarantee workers a "number of hours each week".

Corbyn said a Labor government would pay for increased spending by "asking the better-off and the big corporations to pay a little bit more".

Corbyn remains popular with the party membership and his campaign events attract large and fervent crowds, but he has lost the confidence of most of Labour's members of parliament and has extremely low popularity ratings among the broader electorate.

"It is simply not worth taking the risk of this shambles being in charge of our economy and our Brexit negotiations in 3 weeks' time".

On welfare, Sky's Political Correspondent Tamara Cohen said Labour had "plumped for winding the clock back seven years". "Labour will move Britain forward with ambitious plans to unlock this country's potential".

A national investment bank and regional development banks would "finance growth and good jobs for all parts of the UK".

Labour's manifesto - published on Tuesday - did not set out how plans to nationalise the national grid and the water industry would be funded.

YouGov's Anthony Wells told The Times: "Labour seem to be holding up because they're still getting the votes of a substantial chunk of people who don't like Corbyn and are presumably holding their noses and voting Labour anyway".

Launching the manifesto, Mr Corbyn challenged Conservative leader Theresa May to face him in a televised debate - something she has so far refused to do.

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