Google releases list of America's most misspelled words

'Special,' 'delicious,' 'diarrhea': Google reveals states' most misspelled words

Guess the most misspelled word in our state...

Google has shared a list of the most misspelled words in the United States, and it's incredibly interesting to look through.

Apparently we've learned our lesson.

On Tuesday, in honor of the Scripps' National Spelling Bee, Google Trends released a map with the most misspelled word in each state - based off Google searches. That's the word CT struggles to spell.

People in Florida are checking their "receipt". Thirty-nine states' top searches are for words that are six to 10 letters long. Well, Connecticut and also West Virginia - two states that otherwise might not have much in common.

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While Texas and Missouri struggle with "maintenance", and West Virginia and CT need help with the word made famous by "Mary Poppins" - "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" - our state's recurring search is a little closer to home. And hey, at least we're not Wisconsin, which has to use Google to spell its own name.

Texans and Missourians are tied for the second-longest word - each checking their work on "maintenance".

People in California, Minnesota, Ohio, Kentucky and NY were most boggled by "beautiful".

Upon reviewing the map, you may have noticed that many Americans have a tough time spelling "beautiful", which is ironic considering we have an entire song dedicated to our country titled, "America the lovely".

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