Theresa May blames 'fake claims' as she denies dementia tax U-turn

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Theresa May blames 'fake claims' as she denies dementia tax U-turn

Like the Tories, the Liberal Democrats and Greens also saw a fall of one percent but UKIP was the biggest loser in the poll dropping by two percent to just four percent, "the lowest online share we have ever allocated to the party" says ICM.

May said opponents such as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn had tried to scare the elderly by spreading "fake claims" about her plan to transfer more of the cost from taxpayers to recipients who can afford to fund care themselves.

Mrs May has been warned her plans could hit a roadblock because of poor-performing councils, already failing to make arrangements for people to pay for care after their deaths that were introduced in 2015.

Theresa May has said proposed changes to social care funding will now include an "absolute limit" on the amount people pay towards care costs.

The Liberal Democrats are seeking to increase spending on the NHS and social care by putting an extra 1p on income tax.

The actual number of people reading the document is still relatively small in the scale of the entire United Kingdom population but it is highly likely that the Labour policy document is already one of the most-read manifestos produced by any political party in recent general elections. He ended more than 100 years of Labour control when he took the seat, beating his Labour opponent by just 27 votes.

Jeremy Hunt said: "We couldn't be being clearer: not only are we dropping it [the cap], but we are dropping it ahead of a general election, and we're being completely explicit in our manifesto that we're dropping it".

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The poll found these expectations were out of step with public preferences as almost half (45%) wanted a Tory victory, while 27% hoped for a Labour win.

That picture has changed following a week in which both the Conservatives and the main opposition Labour Party set out their election pitches to voters.

Mrs May's announcement was leaked by former cabinet colleague George Osborne - now editor of the Evening Standard - in a tweet half an hour before she spoke, in which he said: "U-turn coming on social care".

Chancellor Philip Hammond claimed Labour would go further and impose the tax on all homes worth £425,000 or more, which would catch 3.9 million of the 25 million properties across England and Wales.

One Labour insider characterised the mood in the Corbyn camp as "extremely positive", after the Labour leader attracted a crowd of thousands to a rally in super-marginal Wirral West and then heard his name chanted in approval by rock fans when he appeared on stage before the Libertines at a music festival at Tranmere Rovers football ground in Birkenhead. Under the plans, the value of people's homes will be included in the means testing for social care in the home, and the single floor cap will be raised from £23,250 to £100,000.

"Caring for our elderly must be above party politics and that is why I want to urge anyone who opposes the Conservatives' plans to come together to stop it", he said.

Jeremy Corbyn's so-called "refusal" to condemn the IRA in a TV interview is a "dead cat", his party's education secretary has said.

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