Tories in 'chaos' over tax policies, Labour and Lib Dems claim

May, Corbyn clash over Brexit plans with UK vote a week away

Corbyn's refusal to say he would push nuclear button 'really spine-chilling'

LABOUR leader Jeremy Corbyn met with Basildon firefighters during his trip to Pitsea yesterday, to discuss his emergency services policies.

The polling companies have adjusted their models in various ways to reduce the influence of those who are politically engaged and increase the weighting of those less likely to vote. Labour analysis suggested that 10.8 million pensioners may lose out if the benefit was restricted only to those eligible for pension credit - although the Conservatives have not set out details of how the proposed means test would work.

"It is clear that on contact with the voters, Mrs May is not going down well and she is losing ground in particular amongst middle-aged voters and female voters", Ben Page, chief executive of Ipsos MORI, told Reuters.

But in the weeks since - and particularly since the Manchester terror attack on May 22 - the Conservative Party's lead over its rival Labour Party has eroded dramatically and an electoral shock on June 8 now looks possible.

Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday that she was confident that Britain could get a good deal in negotiations to leave the European Union, but would be prepared to walk away without an accord on departure terms if necessary.

But things weren't so simple. While the Prime Minister attempted a "presidential-style" campaign that focused on her "strong and stable leadership" slogan, Mrs May often cut an awkward figure at campaign events and faced a backlash for her refusal to take part in debates with other parties' candidates. Her attempts to stay on message, no matter what, led to criticism that her campaign lacked any substance.

Pope Francis prays for London attack victims
Having an abundance of hope, Pope Francis said, means not only hoping that when life is over one will be with God. He seals us in Christ-proof of the promise that we are forever in God's presence ( Ephesians 1:13-14 ).

"We will invest properly in our police service, we will invest properly in our armed services, the numbers in the armed services have gone down, the Navy are crying out for more ships, the Air Force are crying out for more surveillance aircraft". Channel 4's Michael Crick asked May during a tense question-and-answer session with journalists this week.

A quarter are satisfied with the Liberal Democrat leader (down 3 points) while 44% are dissatisfied (up 5 points).

There is a catch, however. That makes turnout - and the election result - all the harder to call.

Earlier this year, May's government was forced into a U-turn when it dropped a plan to increase national insurance contributions on self-employed workers after Conservative lawmakers protested that it broke the 2015 pledge. I think they understand. "(Turnout) is the big unknown, it is one of the reasons why there is a difference between all the polls at the moment", said Anthony Wells, director of political and social research at pollsters YouGov. UKIP, whose reason for existence vanished when last June's Brexit vote went its way, had drawn supporters from both Labour and the Conservatives in the general election in 2015.

A Conservative spokesman said the allegations were "unfounded" and there needed to be an overhaul of election laws, but the timing, just six days before Britons vote, adds to the party's problems.

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