White House Still Won't Say Whether Trump Believes Climate Science

Coal-fired power plants are a major source of CO2 emissions

Coal-fired power plants are a major source of CO2 emissions

The framing of their climate change coverage on Thursday was a missed opportunity for cable news, which ― like TV news more broadly ― focused little on the urgent global issue during the 2016 election.

Since the Paris Climate Agreement is already a voluntary association with benchmark goals staggered over the next 20+ years, and since the Prexit Process is formal and takes four years, "withdrawing" this afternoon is essentially meaningless. But in written testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee after his confirmation hearing in January, Mattis wrote that "climate change can be a driver of instability" and "a challenge that requires a broader, whole-of-government response".

And each time, they didn't get the answer they were looking for.

He did not answer definitively, but said he would "do everything I can to ensure that any threat is actually dealt with earlier on by negotiations and by talks".

Citing the need to stay engaged with the administration, business leaders said they would remain in their advisory roles to continue working to influence White House policies. And of course, the partisan gap on this issue makes it clear that Democrats will tilt against his decision on substantive grounds, in addition to the underlying partisanship, which makes them more negative on nearly anything a Republican president might do.

"Thank you, everybody", Trump said.

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Instead of observing the overwhelming reality of what scientific evidence tells us about the dangers posed by global warming, Trump's chose to cater to the narrow, ideological interests of people like Myron Ebell and Scott Pruitt. Whether it's breathing toxic air from a nearby power plant, drinking unclean water, worrying about not having a home due to rising sea levels, or suffering from air quality-related respiratory illnesses, climate change is keeping many Latinos and other underrepresented communities from fully benefiting from a healthy and productive quality of life, which in turn affects our economy and productivity as a nation. He's received awards as a businessman in that regard. The company said in a statement on Friday that while it is "disappointed with the announcement, we hope there is a way for the accord to move forward with the U.S.at the table".

"Aren't you and the president talking about protecting the horse and buggy just as cars come online", Wallace asked.

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk and Walt Disney Co CEO Robert Iger reacted by leaving White House advisory councils after Trump's move. I have not talked to the president about his personal views on what is contributing to climate change. "I don't even know what it means to deny the climate, but I would say there are climate exaggerators". He said he would also be open to renegotiating US participation in the accord, which European leaders have said is not an option.

Welker asked: "But with whom if they're not going to sit down at the table with them?"

"Well, that's up to them, right?"

It is a global deal, agreed under the United Nations in the French capital in December 2015, which will see action by all countries to curb rising temperatures. He says climate policies are not driven at a federal level in the USA, and just because the government is halting efforts that doesn't mean that individual states will follow suit.

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