'A big box of crazy': Trump aides struggle under climate change questioning

"Doesn't it matter whether or not the president believes there is man-made climate change, whether he believes it's a hoax?".

Late-night comedian John Oliver broke down President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and realized it makes ideal sense because the title is so "off-brand" for the president that it might as well have been called the "Globalist cuck surrender" or a "light jog". That's where it stands. Along with NY and Washington, the three represent more than one fifth of U.S. gross domestic product. If fairness means that everyone's slice of pie should be the same size, it is the USA that is being unfair, by grabbing a slice that is three times bigger than it should have. "The rest of the world wanted to tell us how to do it", she said. He is struggling to get a replacement for Obama's health insurance program through Congress. Those are probably the kindest words said by pundits across the world after Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on climate change on Thursday.

Trump's decision, which has been roundly denounced by the worldwide community, was based on his belief that it "did not serve the American people", Tillerson said in Sydney. He said: "With respect to the Paris accord, the focus is on the efficacy, the merits of the deal and the demerits of the deal". He then joked that it was as if he just said "Ebola, ISIS and that dentist who shot Cecil the lion are going to save the planet for us".

Under the agreement, which entered into force past year, the U.S. voluntarily committed to reduce its carbon emissions by 26 to 28 per cent by 2025, compared to 2005 levels.

The signatories declared they are dedicated to doing what it takes to curb carbon emissions to keep climate change to 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, as the Paris Climate Agreement stipulates. New and younger leaders such as Canada's Justin Trudeau and France's Emmanuel Macron stepping up to take on both Mr Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin means the global order is changing. Having anticipated that such a decision may happen, other countries, including China, are already beginning to move in to fill that void as they look to increase their influence over the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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It states: "Until recently, China and India have been cast as obstacles.in the battle against climate change". In fact, China and the European Union (EU) have come out with stronger resolve to push initiatives and resources to fulfill the goals enshrined in Paris Agreement. The environmental left has a very short memory. Even energy industry executives know that the U.S.is better off in global agreements and that they must work with the environmental movement, not against it.

Trump, he said, is not going to renegotiate the treaty despite suggesting he might do so "because he doesn't believe in it".

"This president has said we need an all of the above approach", Pruitt said. Last Friday, West Texas Intermediate and Brent crude futures fell, at one point by as much as three per cent, and WTI capped the week with a four-per-cent loss, ending well below the US$50 mark.

Shortly after signing the letter, Harp, who is president of the African American Mayors Association, released a statement urging other mayors within the AAMA to add their names to the list.

The Paris accord, agreed in 2015 and signed in 2016 under the Obama administration, sets voluntary targets for the reduction of emissions which cause climate change.

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