Apple is partnering with Valve to bring Steam VR to Macs

AMD releases 'Radeon Pro 500' Series graphics for iMac

Apple is partnering with Valve to bring Steam VR to Macs

You can now download the new iOS 11 wallpaper as well as the one from macOS High Sierra for any device you might have.

After one day, Safari will partition cookies so they can still be used for logins but not for cross-site tracking. As usual, Apple named this software update and this patch earned the moniker "High Sierra". It hasn't completely moved on from the previous macOS, Sierra, just rebooted it with deep tech.

High Sierra will be out this fall for free, and it allows the iMac to be a "great platform for virtual reality content creation". Still, which device you eventually end up using the wallpaper is entirely your call, as long as justice is being done.

At its Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose on Thursday, Apple said it's planning two features in the next version of Safari, dubbed High Sierra, that will cut down on ads that stalk you around the internet and videos that play uninvited.

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The following year, Apple whipped the ad industry into a frenzy of fear and self-flagellation when it announced content blocking in iOS 9, which some developers were able to use to create ad blockers for mobile. You need to be running macOS Sierra to use this app.

"This means users only have long-term persistent cookies and website data from the sites they actually interact with and tracking data is removed proactively as they browse the web", John Wilander, a WebKit security engineer at Apple, wrote in a post for Apple. On top of that, the HTC Vive will also be adding support for macOS, giving Apple fans their first taste of desktop VR.

Photos app improvements. Apple has tweaked the Photos app, making it easier to search for objects and scenes. Federighi also said that macOS High Sierra's core technology innovations are combined with the company's advances in hardware, and it pushes the Mac forward in exciting new ways. The most important of those is the replacement of the decades-old HFS filesystem with the brand new Apple filesystem (APFS). Jokes about this "fully baked" operating system aside, the new OS adds some intriguing "pro-level" editing features to the Photos app. "Now your browser history is your own", he said.

As part of our efforts to make VR available to developers and players on as many systems as possible, SteamVR for the Mac is now available in beta. The update is not available for public yet and now available with its maintenance mode for developers only. Since only the 15 inch MacBook Pro's have the necessary hardware on-board to be VR compatible, the company is instead leveraging the thunderbolt 3 port. Apple announced a developer kit for VR development at the event which is a Sonnet external GPU enclosure with an AMD Radeon RX 580 in it with 8GB of VRAM.

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