Scottish leader Sturgeon says election 'disastrous' for PM May

Angus Robertson ousted as SNP sees vote share slump

Scottish leader Sturgeon says election 'disastrous' for PM May

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond lost his seat of Gordon and the party's leader in the House of Commons Angus Robertson was also defeated, a result Glassey said was a "backlash" against the SNP's rule in Scotland.

The final Scottish seat to declare was Fife North East, where there were three recounts before Stephen Gethins of the SNP was declared the victor after finishing just two votes ahead of the Lib Dem candidate.

The SNP remains Britain's third-largest party, giving Sturgeon the chance to seek a "progressive alliance" with Labour to counter May's Conservative Party.

The Liberal Democrats took their tally of MPs in Scotland from one to four, with former United Kingdom government minister Jo Swinson one of the victors after winning back the East Dunbartonshire seat she had lost in 2015.

However, the SNP's former Westminster group leader, Angus Robertson, lost his Moray seat to the Tories.

"We saw that and we felt that".

"Clearly it's a disappointing result, we've lost some tremendous MPs", Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday.

"We're in the early moments of the aftermath of this election, we've got a lot to digest, a lot to think about".

Reuters reports, "An updated BBC forecast predicted May's Conservatives would win 318 of the 650 seats, eight short of a majority, while Corbyn's left-wing Labour would take 267 - producing a "hung parliament" and potential deadlock".

While Ms Davidson congratulated newly-elected Tory MPs in Scotland, she said the UK-wide result "fell short of expectations".

Both the Conservatives and Scottish Labour chose to make the election about a second independence referendum, despite the Scottish Parliament already voting in favour of this in March this year.

One insider suggested that the first minister - who was previously thought to be untouchable - will now face "questions" over her leadership alongside the role of her husband, Peter Murrell, who is the party's influential chief executive. "She called an election arrogantly thinking she would crush the opposition".

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"Her position I think is very, very hard".

"Indeed in this campaign we have seen the return of a dominant two-party system in England". I've always said the SNP would want to be part of a progressive alternative to a Tory government.

"I'm disappointed at the SNP losses but I'm pleased that we've won the election".

One of the big surprises of the night in Scotland was the comeback of the Scottish Labour Party.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland looks set to win 10 seats.

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, is adamant that May ought to pay the price of her miscalculation.

Speaking to Scottish voters, Robertson said that the message emerging from the country was that the SNP's drive for a second independence referendum has driven voters away from them.

"That's what a lot of people in Scotland were reacting against, and I think they've spoken pretty loudly to Nicola Sturgeon tonight and she has to take it off the table".

"We know when she took over. one of the things she spoke most passionately about was keeping the union together".

This result could have been even worse for the SNP.

"We've hit peak SNP and we've certainly hit peak Nicola Sturgeon".

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