Warriors' Green: Officials 'messed up pretty bad' on technical reversal

LeBron James Draymond Green Game 4 NBA Finals 2016

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As if Draymond Green didn't have enough enemies in Cleveland, he certainly added a few more after uttering some choice comments in the direction of Cavaliers supporters.

"I knew I didn't have a technical foul (from the first quarter)", Green said.

It's not insane to suggest that if Draymond had been on the floor in Game 5, the Warriors would have gone on to win the game and the series. "They don't seem to be the sharpest people around". Draymond Green, who finds emotional spots the way magnets find metal, was thought to have received a first-quarter technical, but it turned out the T was on Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

There's no excuse for a fan to go out of their way to harass anyone trying to enjoy a game - especially the mother of another player. He didn't do anything in Game 4 to warrant a suspension like previous year when he hit James in the groin area when he stepped over the Warriors forward. This is the kind of dumb, cheap, pointless foul that various Warriors players commit often enough to have become nearly a signature move-their already historic supremacy would be that much more pronounced if Green and Steph Curry in particular could talk themselves out of giving up a handful of boneheaded reaching fouls per game. The refs didn't. We didn't as players.

The officials acknowledged after the game they did not handle the situation very well. The Warriors lost Game 4- on the road at that against a team that has been to 3 straight Finals. Cleveland is giving the Warriors everything they've got in this potential elimination game for the Cavaliers.

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"The table informed us that it was his second technical foul", Callahan told the NBA's pool reporter after the game. You are not going to win a game in which your opponent shoots 53 percent from the floor and hits 24 threes. I want to see how it feels to win at home.

While the officiating was often one-sided in the Cavaliers favour, the Warriors did get their share of beneficial questionable calls. Obviously, I still don't know what Curry was doing.

"Man, different team, man", Stephen Curry said early Saturday morning, after the Warriors took a 137-116 loss in Game 4.

"Every game is do or die, and we understand that", he said. They show me how important I am to them. Talked about it. Going home is a good feeling, but it has to go with playing better. "We're ready to live in it". Got to come out with some fire and get it done. But after being part of the collective effort to limit Tristan Thompson to 11 rebounds in the first three games, Thompson grabbed 10 in Game 4.

It didn't matter in the end, at least not this time.

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