Uber set for changes after board reviews report on workplace culture

Arianna Huffington speaks to CNN in 2016

Arianna Huffington speaks to CNN in 2016

Uber recently hired Frances Frei, a Harvard Business School professor considered to be a thought leader on organizational change, to take over as its SVP of leadership and strategy.

The investigations were prompted by accusations in February by a former employee that women in the company were sexually harassed by other employees and complaints were being dismissed by human resources. This may mean a position other than CEO, or as CEO but with narrower responsibilities and subject to more oversight. Following this, the company set up a team to investigate the matter under Arianna Huffington, a Board director.

Additionally, the recommendation put forward by Eric H. Holder Jr.in his report on the probe into the Uber's work culture is also going to be a big talking point at the meeting.

Following this investigation, Holder was selected by the Uber board to formulate a detailed report regarding the culture at the workplace. Michael is a close friend and ally of Kalanick, which would make his presence during the investigation rather tricky.

She claimed that on her first day as a programmer and engineer, her manager sexually propositioned her over the company's internal chat system.

The investigation was conducted in wake of Fowler Rigetti's blog post. Uber declined to comment on that characterisation.

Also at the meeting on Sunday, board members were expected to discuss Kalanick temporarily stepping away and possibly returning to a role with less authority.

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Kalanick himself proposed a leave of absence last month, after the death of his mother and hospitalisation of his father following a boating accident.

A number of stories regarding the Holder report have been continuously appearing over the past week.

Eric Alexander, who oversaw business in Asia, departed amid reports of the India rape controversy last week.

Kalanick's full-on removal has been the topic of debate between investors and reporters like our own Lance Ulanoff, and even a leave of absence would be a significant development for the embattled exec.

According to a representative of Uber's board of directors, it has "unanimously voted to adopt all the recommendations of the Holder Report". Over 20 employees have already been fired in a move that was widely perceived as an attempt to show action before the potentially damaging findings in the report are revealed.

In December, the company's former head of information security compliance alleged in a lawsuit that thousands of employees abused Uber's security systems to secretly track everyone from ex-spouses to celebrities.

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