Across the United States, counter-protests are planned as Anti-Sharia marches

Hundreds to attend protests in downtown Seattle

Tension grows as protesters clash during 'March against Sharia' rally

Several counter-protesters were "anti-fascist" or "antifa" activists, who "dressed in black masks and hoods and chant [ed] 'No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA, ' " Reuters reports, a slogan modified from a 1980s punk song.

Meanwhile, a number of counter-rallies have been scheduled in response to the "March Against Sharia".

ACT for America organized "March Against Sharia" rallies in at least 28 cities across America on Saturday. "Don't bring Sharia law in here because it's created to take over the government".

"The billboard is a symptom of increasing incivility towards Muslims", Charlie Wiles, the executive directer for the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, said.

"Radical Islam is a cancer that will destroy the world if we don't confront it and defeat it", Schildmeier said. Asma Elhuni, of the Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, criticized the "anti-sharia" protesters.

"They hate America. They're anti-American and they pretend like they're not, but they are anti-American". Counter-protesters and civil rights advocates gathered in some cities to push back against the marches.

"I'm very concerned that there are places in the United States where's there's a push to have Shariah law implemented", said protester Howard Myers.

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It could in fact be stated that Sharia law does not exist as Americans think of law, as a coded set of rulings set down by a single authority.

The day started with the pro-Muslim and pro-immigrant group chanting for equality while holding anti-Trump signs at Wacker and Wabash, directly across from Trump Tower.

"So often, counter protests are focused on hating them more than they hate us", she said. Hundreds of people pledged on social media to attend.

York looked across the street at the giant banner held by protesters opposing him and others. About 5 p.m.the anti-Shariah group began walking through Civic Center park, surrounded by police and yelling counter-protesters. One person was arrested after having a confrontation with the anti-Sharia law group and Oceanside police.

San Bernardino Police spokeswoman Eileen Hards said they apprehended three people for the vandalism but did not release names.

"The theme of today is drowning out racism", Tony Murphy said. Numerous counter-protesters said they were also seeking to stand against President Donald Trump's travel ban, which seeks to block travel from several majority-Muslim countries into the U.S. The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to review the ban. About twice as many counter-protesters marshaled across the street.

In a park near NY courthouse, counter-protesters used air-horns and banged pots and pans to silence an anti-Sharia rally. In St. Paul, Minn., state troopers arrested about a half-dozen people when scuffles broke out at the close of a competing demonstration. ANTI-SHARIA MARCHES, COUNTER-PROTESTS LEAD TO FIGHTING AND ARRESTSHowever, downtown Raleigh saw two protests: One on Capitol grounds where North Carolinians gathered to protest the law, while a second group protesting Islamophobia gathered at Halifax Mall.

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