Trump to push Obamacare repeal in lunch with senators

Conservatives Say They're Losing Health Care Bill Fight

Republicans are taking a big political risk on health care

"They are so ashamed of their health care plan, they want to pass it in the dead of night", he said.

The sources say the president did not say what aspects of the bill he was characterizing.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will have lunch with 13 Republican senators Tuesday to discuss the status of the GOP health care reform bill.

"That may be adding additional money into it", he said, without offering further details on how much money might be needed or how it might be used.

Trump's comments, during a White House lunch with a group of 15 GOP senators from across the ideological spectrum, signaled that he may be willing to embrace a less-aggressive revision of the Affordable Care Act than Republicans have previously promised.

"The Republican majority is afraid of the American people learning what is in their healthcare bill", Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on the Senate floor Tuesday.

Hatch was asked Monday if the public deserved to see the Republicans' bill before a vote.

Conservatives are also frustrated that Senate leaders are mulling plans to make tax credits for buying insurance more generous for low-income people.

Will the GOP get to the magic No. 51? The two chambers may have to agree on a compromise bill for the president to sign.

House 'covfefe' bill would save presidential tweets
Quigley has introduced a bill called "Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement" or the "COVFEFE" Act . This isn't the first time Quigley has deployed topical wordplay to challenge what he sees as Trump's lack of transparency.

Once those changes are incorporated, the Senate GOP will send the legislation as written to the CBO to be scored prior to a vote, which GOP lawmakers hope can happen before the July 4 recess. "I appreciate what you're doing - to pass a phenomenal bill for the people of our country", Trump said with media in the room.

After the House Republicans' first attempt to repeal the law went down in flames before even going to a vote thanks to a bad score from the Congressional Budget Office and some limited public debate, the Senate GOP is vowing to avoid the same mistakes.

Trump, according to senators who attended, urged quick action on health care, casting the debate as a promise Republicans made to voters that needs to be kept.

"Americans won't forget that @HouseGOP passed a "mean" bill to rip healthcare from millions then celebrated @ the WH", Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) tweeted.

Trump will also meet with "Obamacare victims" on Tuesday when he travels to Wisconsin.

After gaining insurance through an Obamacare exchange, Stoll's premiums almost doubled, forcing his wife, Sarah, to work a part-time job.

"We're not even going to have a hearing on a bill that impacts one-sixth of our economy", she said at Finance committee hearing. These states will not feel compelled to " come up with extra funding to keep their expansions going when they know that the federal funding cuts", said Aron-Din, thus imploding the Medicaid expansion. Will the Senate bill provide the same level of premium support for those 250,000 New Jersey residents, and will they still be able to use the online marketplace to find information about various insurance plans?

Some observers suggested the Democratic senators' approach implies drug pricing legislation isn't a current priority for Congress.

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