Carrollton woman dies after being taken off American Airlines flight on stretcher

Scott Olson  Getty Images	

	An American Airlines 737-800 aircraft sits at a gate at O'Hare Airport

Scott Olson Getty Images An American Airlines 737-800 aircraft sits at a gate at O'Hare Airport

Emergency responders removed the woman, identified by relatives as Theresa Hines, from the back of the airliner Monday in an effort to render medical aid.

They felt strongly that the paramedics and the airline staff could have done more to cover up the woman who was wearing a shirt and underwear.

Hogan couldn't comment on the details, but said EMTs worked for almost an hour. She died shortly after she was taken to the hospital.

Endress said he first became aware of the situation when the flight attendants were going through landing directions and determined that someone was still in the bathroom. Passengers were kept on board the plane during that time.

Dr. David Feldshon, who has responded to several medical emergencies while mid-flight, said first responders often don't have that option.

The passenger accused the airline of "dragging" the Texas customer support supervisor down the aisle, but the airline has defended the paramedic's actions as appropriate and said Hines was carried down the aisle in a portable stretcher that is a tarp with handles.

Once attendants located the passenger, Endress said they requested help from any doctors or nurses who happened to be on board.

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"They radioed ahead and we had somebody at the gate to meet the plane when it arrived", Patrick Hogan, Minneapolis-St.

Hogan confirms that EMT staff found Hines unconscious in the lavatory, but was unable to address what had happened to her.

The Associated Press reported that Hines was pronounced dead after almost an hour of attempts to revive her in the boarding bridge connecting the plane to the terminal.

"Our team and others did what they could do to preserve her modesty while working to save her life".

"They basically dragged a naked woman down the aisle", passenger Art Endress said.

Authorities have not released the woman's name nor cause of death.

The alleged victims who wanted to press charges were told the FBI was investigating the incident because it took place on a commercial airline flight, police spokesperson Jay Rivera said. "We are deeply saddened by this event and our thoughts and prayers go out to our passenger's loved ones", the airline's Tuesday statement to IBT said.

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