Suspect in baseball shooting was Sanders supporter, anti

Here's What We Know About The Alleged Suspect In The Congressional Baseball Shooting

Ill. Man ID'd as Suspect in GOP Baseball Shooting: Sources

Orear said he had no idea that Hodgkinson would be involved in something like a shooting.

"The senselessness of this burst of violence is only compounded by the fact that it struck as Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others were practicing for one of Washington's great bipartisan traditions". In a live announcement on national television, President Trump said the gunman has died.

Hodgkinson has a record of arrests on relatively minor charges, including failing to obtain electrical permits, driving under the influence and resisting a police office, according to the paper. "He was more on the really progressive side of things".

"I am sickened by this despicable act", Sanders wrote.

One woman who lived near Hodgkinson's house in Belleville, in rural southern IL, described him as weird and said she sometimes heard him screaming. One of the final letters from Hodgkinson, in July of 2012, called for President Obama's re-election and to "vote all Republicans out of Congress".

The Republican lawmaker who represented Hodgkinson's hometown said he was "always angry" about the GOP agenda, but "never crossed the line". The most serious charges (not convictions) in the records are: - 1993 charges for DUI, fleeing/attempt to elude police, and resisting/obstructing a peace officer, class A & B misdemeanors (case closed/dismissed, end of supervision) - 2006 charges for Battery/Cause Bodily Harm (2 counts), Aid/Abet damage to Motor Vehicle.

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Hodgkinson also wrote a number of letters to the editor to the Belleville News-Democrat, attacking Republican policies and focusing in on tax reform and income inequality.

Robert Becker, who served as the Iowa director of the Sanders campaign, said Hodgkinson had no formal role on the campaign and that he couldn't find anyone who remembered him.

Plenty of people on both sides of the aisle share material like this on Facebook occasionally, but Hodgkinson seems to have been focused on his anger with Republicans for several years.

Two other neighbors, Carmen and Bill Schaumleffel, also recalled hearing the sound of gunshots from the property, they said in an interview. "She wasn't real specific", said the neighbor, Aaron Meurer. At the time police recovered a pocket knife, hair they say was pulled out of his girlfriend's head and a 12-guage shotgun at the scene.

Authorities are searching his home in IL. Records show that his inspection license expired last November and had not been renewed. He was passionate about tax hikes on the rich and universal health care.

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