Writing A Bill In Private Not Unusual

Dems' motions, speeches knock GOP health bill for secrecy

Writing A Bill In Private Not Unusual

Trump's comment was not entirely off-the-cuff. The Kentucky Republican says former President Barack Obama's health care law has been failing since its 2010 enactment and there's no reason to wait to erase it.

"The Senate is working in secret and rushing to pass a bill", said Robert Restuccia, executive director of the group.

Senator Kamala Harris (D-California) said that the Senate bill is almost identical to the bill that passed through the House, which President Donald Trump reportedly called "mean, mean, mean" during a meeting with Republican Senators last week. The Hill reported Monday that Republicans think that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's (R-KY) suggestion of a July 4 vote on the healthcare bill is unrealistic.

MCEVERS: How much sympathy do the Democrats have from Republicans in the Senate?

Reported negotiations include proposals to extend the Medicaid expansion sunset date as well as allocate more money to cover people with pre-exisiting conditions. It was that deal that ultimately brought the House Freedom Caucus on board, and it was that deal that left moderates walking away from the legislation.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) in March was forced to pull the original bill from the floor after learning that it did not have sufficient support to pass. "There have been gazillions of hearings on this subject when [Democrats] were in the majority, when we were in the majority". "They will be more cautious".

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And Trump is up against an even tougher audience in the Senate.

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Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is calling on Republican members of the U.S. Senate to open up their meetings about the new health care law, which is expected to be put to a vote in Congress before their July break.

"Generous, kind, with heart".

"I rest my case", Schumer replied.

McConnell answered both times: "I think we'll have ample opportunity to read and amend the bill".

The plan appears to have White House backing. This time, instead of committee hearings and votes, the focus is on 13 Senate Republicans who are doing most of the work, which has led Democrats to hammer on the idea that all of the GOP health care work is being done in secret.

Sanders asked Senate Republicans during his remarks on the floor late Monday night.

This raises the distinct possibility that Republican lawmakers go back to their districts for the summer recess empty-handed and with no significant achievements, with the exception of the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. But, in an attempt to appeal to our fiscally-focused Republican friends, here's an argument that might appeal to moderates like our friends from OH: expanding access to health care reduces deficits, increases worker productivity, and creates thousands of jobs that boost state tax revenues.

What's more, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that the House health care bill would result in 23 million fewer people with insurance in a decade, and it would leave many sicker and older Americans with much higher costs.

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