McConnell says GOP getting ready for Senate health care vote

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Outsiders vs. Insiders: Can Trump and the GOP fill America's critical leadership vacuum?

Still, McConnell has reasons to try for a quick health-care vote.

GOP senators will meet behind closed doors and are poised to get their most thorough and definitive briefing yet on what will be in the final proposal.

Later, he simply chortled when asked if he was confident the measure would pass, a victory that would elude him if just three of the 52 GOP senators voted no. "At the end of the day, that doesn't preclude my responsibilities as a senator to either vote yes or no based on the substance that's in it".

"This is probably one of the low moments of the United States Senate in the way that this process is being done", said New Jersey Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, using a Facebook video for an unusually public swipe at GOP leaders.

Spicer said he did not know whether Trump had seen a draft of the Senate health care bill, and also declined to comment on the timing of a vote. I haven't seen the bill.

That echoed Democrats' lambasting of McConnell for writing the wide-ranging legislation in closed-door meetings. So they chose to cut Medicaid by $834 billion in the same bill so they can pay for their tax cuts.

The Republican effort to secretly craft a health care bill and whisk it through the Senate is drawing fire from members of both parties.

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Senators settled in Monday as Democrats plan to slow-walk all action until Republicans relent on their secret health care negotiations and debate their Obamacare replacement in public. Schumer said Democrats would not object to requests for unanimous consent on honorary resolutions, either.

They said unresolved questions included how to make sure the subsidies can't be used for policies that provide abortions and how fast they can repeal tax boosts Obama levied on high earners and medical companies to finance his statute's expanded coverage. The resulting frustration led Democrats to stage a Monday night "talkathon" in order to pressure (or shame, whichever word works best) Republicans into holding hearings.

Lacking the votes to stop it, Democrats are criticizing the still-evolving bill as a stealthy measure that GOP leaders want to rush through the chamber before anyone knows what's really in it. We've heard so many anguished stories from constituents who've been hurt by Obamacare.

McConnell promised there will be room to debate the new bill, which has not polled well with Americans in its House incarnation and was recently dubbed "mean" by President Donald Trump. However, what has leaked is that the bill will throw more people off of their health insurance than the House-passed version of Trumpcare.

Senate leaders are expected to force through this legislation in time for them to head home and celebrate July 4th.

Besides Lee, two other conservatives were also complaining. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming, told CNN in 2010. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said it would be "a non-starter" if the developing bill's subsidies are as large as Obama's.

Rep. Charlie Dent, a moderate from Pennsylvania who voted against the House health care bill, said that many members were "taken aback" when they read what the President said. "I have no idea what the deal is".

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