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Recently, per the New York Post, an airline passenger brought the huge 20-pound live lobster pictured above onto a plane at Logan Airport in Boston, and according to the TSA, that is 100% legal.

Airport screeners found they had to check out a 20-plus-pound lobster at Boston's Logan Airport.

"A live lobster is allowed through security and must be transported in a clear, plastic, spill proof container".

One passenger's checked in luggage took employees by surprise.

The post did not clarify whether the TSA got the passenger's permission before posting the lobster photo.

Lobsters are actually pretty frequent fliers from New England terminals, according to CBS Boston.

After the pat down, police said Duddleston walked to retrieve her bag and check to see if her money was still there, but discovered it had gone missing.

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"Security is always our top priority and as such, we continuously test security screening procedures to improve our operations", Lisa Farbstein, TSA's acting director of media relations, said in a statement.

I am personally offended by this because I packed this checked cooler with care and concern for the lobsters and my customers personal property.

See the picture he shared of the bottom dweller (above).

An arrest report said Kathleen Duddleston, a passenger at the airport, entered a TSA checkpoint lane at OIA on Thursday and required additional screening.

The lobster passed the security check and continued on its journey.

"I would be shocked if this isn't the biggest lobster TSA has screened, although I can't say for certain", McCarthy added to NPR.

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