Arkansas' new Ten Commandments monument at Capitol destroyed

10 Commandments Tablet Installed On Arkansas Capitol Grounds

Ten Commandments monument installed at Arkansas Capitol

Thirty-two-year-old Arkansas man Michael Tate Reed was arrested in connection to the incident Wednesday morning.

A tablet containing the 10 Commandments is being installed this morning on the grounds of the Arkansas Capitol building. Video from CNN affiliate KATV-TV in Little Rock showed the large stone slab was knocked off its base and cracked into at least three pieces.

A video that appears to have been taken from inside the auto was posted on the Facebook account of a Michael Reed early Wednesday. My comment to Rapert was that the visible symbol of the Biblical teachings so close to the Capitol surely will bring an end to lying, adultery and thievery of state money in the General Assembly. A man's voice says "Oh my goodness. Freedom!" before accelerating into the monument.

"This was deliberate. The individual drove down there and stopped".

The monument suggests that the Commandments are the basis for American and Arkansas law, she says, even though "several of the commandments are wholly religious in nature, like 'having no other gods before me, ' or keeping the Sabbath". "One of our Capitol Police officers was on patrol and witnessed it".

Secretary of State's Office spokesman Chris Powell said capitol police arrested the male suspect early Wednesday. Authorities believe Reed drove into the monument, causing it to topple and shatter.

The driver is identified in an arrest report as Michael Tate Reed of Van Buren, Arkansas.

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Reed was taken to hospital in Oklahoma for mental health treatment and never formally charged in that case. The news service says it's not clear whether the man is the same Michael T. Reed of Van Buren accused of mowing down the Arkansas monument.

The erection of the privately funded monument has been contentious.

State Sen. Jason Rapert (R) sponsored a 2015 law to erect the controversial 6-foot-tall monument on state grounds. However, the move had provoked a backlash from groups who say the monument contradicts the constitution implying state endorsement of a particular religion.

Meanwhile, Powell said Capitol workers are left picking up the (extremely heavy) pieces: "Our crew is in the process of cleaning all that up and carting it off".

"I made a promise that I very much meant to keep that I would go get help if things didn't happen the way I thought they would", he said.

The monument has been the subject of controversy, with the Arkansas state capitol joining a number of other red state governments displaying statues or monuments to the Judeo-Christian faith on public land.

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