Things to Know About Rihanna's New Make Out Buddy, Hassan Jameel

Time to get a room! The identity of Rihanna's man remains a mystery

Time to get a room! The identity of Rihanna's man remains a mystery

The "Work" singer took a break from her musical hustle and was spotted vacationing in Spain.

Wearing a brown strapless bikini and a gold chain, the 29-year-old was seen passionately kissing her new fella, with the couple giving us serious Big Brother Makosi and Anthony vibes (you all remember the hot tub action, don't lie).

"The internet is going insane over the pictures leaked of Rihanna and the mysterious man she was photographed getting cozy with in a private luxury villa in Spain, so much so that fans on Twitter have even started a hashtag in celebration of the singer's new love interest: "#RihannaHasAManParty".

SUPERSTAR RIHANNA has been seen with a mystery lover believed to be a Saudi businessman from one the richest families in the world.

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These new pics are sure to infuriate Naomi if all is true, while they won't go down well with Rihanna's ex Drake, either. According to Perez Hilton, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Rihanna's mystery man has a very good resemblance to the man seen in #Naomi Campbell's photos taken a year ago.

Also worth noting, Mr. Jameel is indeed an ex of Naomi Campbell. A side by side photo was posted on Twitter and most of the fans agree that the side-profile of the guy's face, as well as the beard, are eerily similar.

Rihanna's army of fans is undeniably one of the most supportive groups in the world. Rihanna has told friends she's in love with him and seems completely smitten.

When asked what the deal was, Naomi stayed coy, saying: "Everything is fine..."

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