Pictures of Microsoft's canceled Surface Mini leaked

Right click on the recovery download file, and select Extract All

Right click on the recovery download file, and select Extract All

Microsoft reportedly shelved the Mini as it didn't offer enough variation on the smaller devices that were available at the time (in hindsight, the consistent decline in tablet sales that followed proved the company right).

Back in 2014, a third party has revealed an event for a Surface Mini product long before Microsoft's planned ceremony in New York City. Today, WindowsCentral has posted some pictures of this Cancelled Microsoft Surface Mini.

In 2014, rumors were circulating that Microsoft wanted the mini tablet to run on the limited Windows RT operating system, which was eventually axed by the tech giant the following year.

The Surface Mini is portrait-oriented with a kickstand that works similarly to the Surface 3. It has a microSD slot, pen slot, headphone jack, USB charging port, and USB-OTG. The kickstand has three locked positions, and when closed it's flush with the device. Tapping the button on the Pen instantly opened OneNote on the tablet, betraying its note-taking focus.

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The Surface Mini itself had an 8-inch display with a resolution of 1080×1440 pixels, alongside a Snapdragon 800 processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and dual band Wi-Fi.

The Surface Mini wouldn't have a type cover of some sort and is designed exclusively for pen and touch inputs. The Surface Mini was apparently supposed to be offered in many different colors.

Given that the Surface Mini used an ARM processor, it did rely on Windows RT, which ended up being very unpopular due to various restrictions on app compatibility.

In the past, Microsoft has had little to no luck when releasing devices that run Windows. Mini-tablets haven't really stood the test of time, Google had some success with the Nexus 7 but eventually stopped bothering and you can say the same for Apple and the iPad Mini, which hasn't seen an update in years. So, what do you guys think about the Surface Mini? With the rate in which technology has changed and developed since the Surface Mini was supposed to be released, a Surface smartphone would likely incorporate all of the features of the planned tablet, and plenty more.

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