IOC Strengthens Human Rights Obligations in Host City Contract 2024

Calgary now has more time to make a decision but a committee's recommendation is coming in a few weeks no matter what

CP File Calgary now has more time to make a decision but a committee's recommendation is coming in a few weeks no matter what

The IOC will however also gather for an extraordinary session on Tuesday and is expected to agree to a proposal from the executive board to award the 2024 and 2028 Games at the same time.

"We are confident and we will win", Hidalgo told global reporters at the Lausanne Palace Hotel where the IOC Executive Board was meeting Monday.

Some very important decisions will be taken.

The IOC unveiled its first team of refugees a year ago in an effort to raise awareness of the issue and it was one of the feel-good stories of the 2016 Olympics.

This update focuses on (1) yesterday's report from a key Olympic commission evaluating the 2024 bids of Los Angeles and Paris and (2) the widely reported possibility that Los Angeles or Paris will be offered the chance to host the Games in 2028 instead of 2024.

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The review was commissioned in 2015 as part of the IOC's agenda 2020 reforms which also aimed to make the Olympics more attractive, reduce the cost of hosting them and get the International Olympic Committee to become more transparent. The IOC is ready to move on Bach and the organization's leadership are convinced that the two bids and the joint-awarding plan will launch the Olympic movement on a new path that future bid cities (and younger viewers) will eventually join it on.

Los Angeles has indicated it was open to waiting until 2028, while Paris has held a firmer line, insisting it was committed to 2024, the centenary anniversary of the last Games in the French capital.

"The project was built by a team, the national Olympic committee, the city of Paris, and is marked by the complete unity behind this project".

The report was based largely on the evaluation commission's meeting with Los Angeles and Paris officials and tours of venues in both cities last month as well as three primary bid plan submissions. "That was a dozen members".

Four other cities - Hamburg, Rome, Budapest and Boston - were in the running for the 2024 Games before dropping out over cost and size concerns, forcing the International Olympic Committee to overhaul the bidding with the double awarding to make it more attractive to potential hosts of the Games.

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