Here's The Trailer For Season One Of The Tick

The Tick

Watch the first trailer for Amazon's The Tick

The Tick is a comic character created by Ben Edlund in 1986, as a spoof of American comic book superheroes. With an even lighter tone, a new, bluer costume, and pretty definitive confirmation that the Tick isn't just in Arthur's imagination, The Tick* looks like it'll be Amazon's first superhero hit.

Amazon has released the official trailer for the debut season of The Tick, their upcoming superhero comedy series. The rest of the cast includes Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen), Valorie Curry (House of Lies), Yara Martinez (Jane the Virgin) and Brendan Hines (Scorpion).

This is the third major adaptation of The Tick.

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Amazon's reboot of The Tick will air as a two-part series and is planned to premiere next month. Unfortunately, each version of The Tick TV series (including the cartoon) had specific characters that don't necessarily transfer between then.

Will this series be more successful than the short-lived live-action series from 2001? The show was quickly cancelled, but has become something of a cult sensation over the years. Having no powers whatsoever, he teams up with a odd, yet endearing hero named The Tick (Peter Serafinowicz).

All in all, the future is looking very bright for The Tick, which will be available on Amazon from August 25th. Every episode is slated to be directed by Wally Pfister, best known as Christopher Nolan's longtime cinematographer. In fact, it kind of makes fun of numerous common, stereotypical superhero tropes in TV and movies.

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