Cuomo warns Dems against cutting DACA deal with Trump

President Donald Trump

President Donald's stuanchest supporters are furious over his latest statements

"Our city residents directly suffer because they lose critical services at a time when we are already stretched thin with hundreds of vacancies at City Hall".

SIMON: I'll be this blunt - do you trust President Trump on this? But with Congress' failure to achieve any meaningful policy, we also believe Obama's actions would have provoked Congress to act.

In the next paragraph, he gets into supposition in the form of prediction, saying today's DACA recipients "would quickly become millions of newcomers, who may well be low-skilled and who would nearly certainly include the parents who brought them".

"I don't like the starting point of this negotiation, and I think the Democrats have to exercise extreme caution", Cuomo said during an appearance on "The Cats Roundtable" on 970 AM. She was in Milwaukee to speak at an event held by the Milwaukee Jewish Federation, and she says the unorthodox nature of the Trump presidency it's hard to compare him to past presidents or guess his next move.

These are people working in almost every faction of business; in fact, 6 percent of Dreamers have already launched their own companies, which employ American citizens.

SIMON: Should they have amnesty? "They came here because they saw and they know that the United States this is where you make a dream", said Tellaz.

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"I've joined the DREAM Act which would legalize their status in this country permanently". Its something that I'm just happy I'm allowed to give a voice to someone who feels like they don't, " said Angel Lopez, coordinator for LSA.

The White House and Democrats couldn't seem to agree on what they did or didn't agree to in a meeting on Wednesday.

Sullivan also emphasized that DACA students at the University have not violated any laws themselves and are dedicated to becoming American citizens. If he stands by his promises on DACA, will he be invited to the next one?

"And we get alarmed at the speculation that this might be a new day dawning", he added. But yeah, I mean, look, it was the first time in CACI's history, its 40-year history, that we didn't invite the sitting president.

"I have no doubt about the ultimate outcome", he said.

Those people are the foundation of our immigrant community and, if we go back far enough and it can be argued that this group is the foundation of our country. We are not optimistic, but we know that lawmakers are skilled at accomplishing much when they are motivated.

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