Gearbox Pulls the Plug on Battleborn, Fall Update to Be Its Last

After the fall update, development on Battleborn will cease

Battleborn will no longer get any content updates, Gearbox moving devs over to "highly anticipated but unannounced

This week, the game's creative director, Randy Varnell, announced on the Gearbox Forums that development on Battleborn has ceased, and it will no longer receive new content or updates after the upcoming Fall Update.

"As of this week, there will be no more Battleplans and there is now no planned content after the Fall Update", Varnell wrote.

Interestingly, Varnell will be taking on a role developing Gearbox's next unannounced game which the majority of the studio is working on.

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"I've been working on Battleborn almost exclusively since 2012, and in some ways, that work stretches back to 2009 for me", Varnell said. We commended Gearbox's team shooter for its tactical depth, arresting visuals, and colorful cast of characters, but it just never quite garnered a large enough audience to sustain it. However, he added that the servers would remain online "for the foreseeable future". Battleborn never recovered from its release opposite Blizzard's monstrously hyped and marketed Overwatch, regardless of whether people want to argue over "which game is better", or whether they are "the same genre". Blizzard's own hero-focused title received massive amounts of hype (both critically and marketing-wise) that quickly overshadowed Battleborn, even though Gearbox's game launched a few weeks earlier. There's no news on when we can expect to see this new game be announced but it sounds like it is well underway. The patch will contain new skins (including some Borderlands-themed skins), title art improvements, gameplay fixes and new Finisher Boosts and Taunts. Battleborn forcefully went free-to-play after a couple of months but it barely helped gain traction. Also, there are minor balance changes in that patch.

He went on to thank the fans for their support and giving Battleborn a chance, a title that he worked on nearly exclusively since 2012.

If you are a Battleborn fan, it is important to know that this does not mean the endpoint in the history of the game. Keep an eye out for me in game!

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