Spotify's latest personalized playlist is full of your favorite throwback hits

Spotify's latest personalized playlist is full of your favorite throwback hits

Spotify introduces new service which tries to guess what you listened to at school

Your Time Capsule generates the playlist based off a mix of songs you've previously streamed, as well as the date of birth you put in when first signing up for Spotify.

As The Independent reports, Spotify have just launched their "Time Capsule" service, which intends to let you relive all those classic tracks you grew up with by way of a personalised playlist.

As the name implies, this playlist is created to bring you back to your teenage years with 30 handpicked songs over two hours. Part of the methodology probably involves the streaming giant looking at each user's age, and subsequently filling the playlist with old songs with high play counts.

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Whatever you may think of Spotify, you've got to admit: The Swedish music streamer really knows how to get people talking. Today, Spotify says that it makes a Discover Weekly for every user who has been on Spotify for at least two weeks.

This is Spotify's latest attempt at mining your past for playlists.

To get started, you can visit the web link for the playlist; visit the "Decades" section in "Browse" in Spotify's app for iOS and Android; or you can look for it at the top of Spotify's "Home" page. It's also only available for users over 16, according to The Verge, otherwise it wouldn't be much of a throwback.

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