Saudi Arabia brings in Lebanon's Hariri from the cold

Iran-Saudi tensions: Lebanon PM Hariri's resignation seen as ploy

World War 3 warning? Saudi Arabia accused of FORCING Lebanese PM to quit during Iran scrap

Kuwait has ordered its citizens in Lebanon to immediately leave the Mediterranean country as tensions between Beirut and Saudi Arabia rise further.

"Due to the current situation in Lebanon, the Kingdom has asked its citizens, whether visiting or residents, to leave Lebanon as soon as possible".

This is not the first time Saudi Arabia has asked its citizens to leave Lebanon, but in the past has stated that the travel warnings were for the safety of their citizens.

The long-standing conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran has overshadowed Lebanon following the recent resignation of Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri, but it is unlikely lead to a war, analysts said.

The move has pulled Lebanon back to the forefront of a regional struggle between the Sunni monarchy of Saudi Arabia and the Shi'ite Islamist Iranian government.

Saudi Arabia and its allies have been fighting the Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen since 2015.

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Iran said previously that Hariri's resignation was motivated by the Saudis. Neither of these is in keeping with narratives coming out of Saudi Arabia. He has not been seen in Lebanon since. It came after Riyadh accused Lebanon of declaring war on the kingdom because of the aggression by the Iranian-bakced Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Consequently, the crown prince dispatched Thamer Al-Sabhan, the Saudi minister of state for the Gulf region, who surveyed the local political landscape before shooting off a series of aggressive tweets in which he attacked Hezbollah and warned the Lebanese of the consequences of allowing Hezbollah to use the Lebanese government as a platform to pursue its goals.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun will not accept Mr Hariri's resignation until he returns to the country to explain his actions, according to sources.

Saudi Arabia's attorney general says the kingdom has called in 208 people for questioning in a sweeping probe, estimating that $100 billion has been misused through embezzlement and corruption in past decades.

"I rule out the possibility of any military confrontation in Lebanon as the situation here can not stand a conflict between two regional giants", said Chinchinian, noting that Lebanon has already suffered a 15-year civil war and the Lebanese are not willing to repeat its woes.

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