Facebook starts programme to bolster digital skills

ABQ one of 30 cities to receive 'community boost' from Facebook

ABQ one of 30 cities to receive 'community boost' from Facebook

"We are excited that Greenville will be one of the first cities to host Facebook's Community Boost event". Facebook's "Boost Your Business" program has held a number of conferences around the world to teach small business owners about using Facebook's many tools, as well as how to employ advertising best practices and how to be creative with social media posts.

The program - which may well be a huge PR project for Facebook - follows up on the more than US$1 billion that company has already spent on supporting small businesses through their "Boost Your Business" platform.

The Facebook Community Boost program will specifically focus on providing local workers "with the digital education and skills they need to compete in the new mobile economy", according to the initiative's website. Small businesses can share their stories online. It will provide social media training to jobseekers, help entrepreneurs use technology to implement their ideas and show business owners how concepts like the cloud and IoT can unlock new opportunities. Facebook will work with local organizations to provide digital skills and training for people in need of work, to advise entrepreneurs how to get started and to help existing local businesses and nonprofits get the most out of the internet.

What's Mark Zuckerberg's biggest takeaway as he wraps up a year of travel to dozens of USA states? Over half of SMB leaders on Facebook said the platform has helped them increase sales, according to the blog.

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Forty-six percent of small businesses on the platform in SC said Facebook is an essential tool for running their business, the press release said.

For online beginners: Training on digital literacy and online safety.

Specifically, that means some entrepreneurs in the state's largest city may expect training from the company on things like social media, and using their digital presence to "find new customers around the corner and around the globe".

79% say that an individual's digital and social media skills are an important consideration when hiring, more than where a candidate went to school. Community Boost is created to help everyone who wants to find a job, start a business or grow their digital footprint. Only 6 million of them advertise. "Facebook has been a great partner in Iowa, and my administration looks forward to working with them on this wonderful project".

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