North Carolina air traffic controller arrested on WMD charges

Paul George Dandan 30

Paul George Dandan 30

An air traffic controller from the Charlotte Douglas International Airport has been charged with possession of weapons of mass destruction.

Police said the device was not located at the airport, but instead found at Dandan's apartment.

The FAA also confirmed they had "terminated [Dandan's] access to the facility and is investigating". Dandan's roommate was arrested for having bomb-making materials, which were not at the airport, the station reported.

Fells told police in Charlotte he had meant to use the bomb against a neighbor with whom he had been arguing, but changed his mind and gave it to Paul Dandon, 30, a full-time employee of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) based at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. He is now being held in the Mecklenburg County Jail under a $45,000 bond.

Paul George Dandan was one of two men arrested Friday in Charlotte after investigators alleged he had a weapon of mass destruction.

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The Federal Aviation Administration told WCNC-TV that Dandan was sacked from his job at Charlotte Douglas International Airport after his arrest.

The airport said Dandan did not have access to any aircraft.

Records show that Dandan was arrested in Charlotte in March 2015 for the misdemeanor offense of "assault on a female".

They said a man named Derrick Fells, 39, had constructed the device. He admitted to detectives that he made the bomb in order to use it against a neighbor.

The FBI describes a weapon of mass destruction as any explosive, incendiary, or poisonous gas, including a bomb, grenade or rocket that has an explosive or incendiary charge of more than four ounces.

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