Safety board probes truck collision with self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas

The autonomous victim

The autonomous victim

The autonomous shuttle was testing today when it was grazed by a delivery truck downtown.

A self-driving shuttle, unveiled Wednesday in downtown streets of USA city of Las Vegas, and reported by local media as the first this kind of service to public in a big city, was involved in a minor crash hours after it was launched by the officials. The driver was trying to back his trailer into an alleyway on the left.

"He probably had an expectation that the shuttle would back off and allow him to do his thing", Cummings said. "The shuttle bus very obediently stopped a reasonable distance from the truck and waited for it to move", said Jeff Zurschmeide. The driver of the truck did however receive a ticket for not stopping.

Las Vegas police officer Aden Ocampo-Gomez said the truck's driver was at fault for the crash and was cited for illegal backing. The key line in this is "if the delivery truck had the same sensing equipment. the accident would have been avoided".

With another vehicle behind the Navya shuttle, it froze in place as the truck backed up, Moreno said.

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But on Saturday, it gave a green signal to the government. "It's now being taken after the Tribunal said so", the NGT said. The NGT asked DTC on the number of unused buses in its workshops.

"This is exactly the kind of real-world scenario that this pilot is attempting to learn from", said John Moreno, a spokesman for AAA, formerly the American Automobile Association, which is sponsoring the self-driving shuttle in Las Vegas. Rather, it was rear-ended by a human-driven truck.

Zurschmeide acknowledged that the truck driver was certainly to blame for the accident, but he also stated that improved safety features on self-driving shuttles could allow the vehicles to react smarter in the future. "Or at least leaned on the horn and made our presence harder to miss".

The transportation company Keolis is operating the shuttle. The Navya vehicle, which organisers lightheartedly patched with band-aids, has a human operator on board who can take control of the vehicle, but "it just happened too quickly", he said.

A self-driving shuttle bus in Las Vegas got in an accident on its very first day of operation.

In addition to studying how the shuttle interacts in a live traffic environment in downtown Las Vegas' busy Innovation District, AAA will survey riders on their experience in order to understand why a large percentage of consumers remain wary of driverless technology, and whether a personal experience changes their perception.

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