Flybe flight crash lands in Belfast after landing gear failure

The plane at Belfast International. Pic Geoff Coyles

The plane at Belfast International. Pic Geoff Coyles

"There are no further reports of any passenger or crew injuries".

A Flybe spokesman said: "Flybe can confirm that there has been an incident involving one of our Bombardier Q-400 aircraft, flight BE331, which landed with no nose gear in place".

The Flybe flight had to circle over Belfast for more than two hours to burn off fuel before attempting to land at about 1.30pm yesterday.

'The aircraft departed from Belfast City at 1107 local time bound for Inverness.

The craft crashed with its nose down on a runway at the terminal after taking off from the Belfast City-George best airport at 11.30am.

Flybe CEO Christine Ourmieres-Widener, said: "Our crew took the necessary precautionary actions to ensure the aircraft landed as safely as was possible and I am proud of their professionalism in the circumstances".

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"We are sending a specialist to Belfast to offer assistance and we will now do all we can to understand the cause of this incident".

The British Airline Pilot's Association (BALPA) has praised the skills of the pilot in landing the plane.

It is said to have suffered a problem with its nose gear, noticed by the pilot after departure.

"Flybe pilots appear to have done a sterling job".

"The flight deck crew were superb, they landed on the main undercarriage, they held the nose of the aircraft up to the last possible moment, bleeding off all the air speed and still keeping control and just dropping it at the very last minute".

A Flybe plane that took off from Belfast Airport this morning declared an emergency onboard. "No action required from NIFRS at the scene".

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