Shooting On Busy I-95 In Providence Shuts Down Highway



The truck appears to have been closed in by responding officers, who approach the passenger side of the vehicle and fire numerous shots.

A man who allegedly stole a Rhode Island state police cruiser, triggering a manhunt, has been arrested, according to police. Authorities say five Providence officers fired their weapons; they didn't say how many state police officers fired.

Clements says the truck driver was behaving so aggressively, he was causing a huge public safety risk and several people were in danger.

"It's under investigation but I know the trooper did leave the vehicle for a short time", said Assumpico. "We believe that video shows the acts of the officers as doing exactly what we would want them to do in stopping an imminent and significant threat", he said. Providence police Sgt. Robert Boehm broadcast on the police radio that he was behind the vehicle, which was getting onto Route 10 north and "clearly trying to elude police at high speed", Clements said.

While police were searching for Morgan they said they received a tip that he jumped into a white truck.

As the auto became stuck in traffic, officers converged on it. Clements said they made the decision to open fire because Santos was putting the officers and nearby drivers at risk.

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The truck tried to keep going anyway, ramming a small vehicle stopped in front of it and shoving it to the side.

The driver was killed and a passenger was injured.

State police have declined to say whether the incident in Providence is related to the theft of a Police crusier earlier Thursday.

This is the third officer-involved shooting by Providence police this year, and the first fatal shooting by Providence police since March 2014.

The shooting was witnessed by a person who filmed it from a nearby on-ramp.

Providence Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare tells WPRI-TV that some of the officers were wearing body cameras during the shooting, which happened Thursday around 10:45 a.m. on a jam-packed section of road where two highways merge alongside the city's downtown. That witness said the driver was boxed in and was hitting cars behind and in front of him as officers converged on it. The body cameras were installed a few months ago.

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