David Davis under fire over pledge for MPs' vote on Brexit deal

The Prime Minister is holding talks with senior figures from European industry in Downing Street today

The Prime Minister is holding talks with senior figures from European industry in Downing Street today

The UK parliament will be given the opportunity to vote on a final Brexit deal before the country leaves the EU, David Davis told MPs this afternoon.

"It is clear that we need to take further steps to provide clarity and certainty both in the negotiations and at home regarding the implementation of any agreement into United Kingdom law", said Davis, outlining the plans for legislation.

Conservative MP Heidi Allen said the move was "pointless" and offered "no safeguard if no deal is reached".

Mr Davis replied: "If we don't have a withdrawal agreement we can't have a withdrawal agreement bill, full stop".

"This also means that Parliament will be given time to debate, scrutinise and vote on the final agreement we strike with the EU".

The Brexit ministry said the bill was expected to cover issues such as the rights of European Union citizens in Britain and British nationals in the European Union, divorce payments and an agreement on any post-Brexit transition period.

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"This confirms that the major policies set out in the withdrawal agreement (with the EU) will be directly implemented into United Kingdom law by primary legislation", he said. "This agreement will only hold if parliament approves it".

He confirmed in an answer to Tory former cabinet minister Owen Paterson that Britain will leave the European Union on March 29 2019 with no deal if MPs vote down the new piece of legislation.

"Totally worthless to Parliament, essentially trying to buy off people by saying: "Oh look, we're going to give you an act to shape things", when in fact this is a post hoc, after-the-horse-has-bolted piece of legislation".

Labour's Keir Starmer called it a "significant climbdown from a weak government on the verge of defeat". "Parliament must have a say on that withdrawal agreement before we are thrown over the cliff edge". With less than 24 hours before they had to defend their flawed bill to parliament they have finally backed down.

"I hope that my amendment won't be necessary but it will remain there to be debated and if necessary voted on". "However, like everything with this government the devil will be in the detail", he said. Davis said it would be a meaningful vote but that it would not undo the process.

Labour former minister Chris Leslie added: "Hasn't (Mr Davis) just given the game away of what a sham offer this is?" Before Remainers get the prosecco out, it's worth noting that Davis said in the event of a "no deal" scenario, MPs and peers would not have any vote as there would not be anything to have a bill based on.

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