Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Might Be Engaged!

Curious Posting a short video on social media platform Snapchat Kylie revealed the ring while driving her car to the Beverly Hills soiree where she was joined by the extended Kardashian Jenner clan

Fans Think Kylie Jenner Is Dropping Hints About Her Baby's Gender Via Snapchat

This week, Kylie has opted for baby pink nail polish and if we know anything about gender conforming colours, apparently that means she is having a baby girl.

On her way to sister Kim Kardashian West's baby shower, the KUWTK personality showed off a diamond ring while behind the wheel. Just yesterday, Jenner drover her fans even crazier by posting a snap of her hand with a giant diamond ring on THAT finger.

The latest Kylie stitch-up is a very obvious Snapchat of her hand on the steering wheel of her v v spenno vehicle. Could Kylie Jenner really be engaged to her rumoured baby daddy Travis Scott?

We'll see Kylie walking down the street one day holding a newborn and that'll be our confirmation.

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Kylie Jenner is gunning for queen/lord Social Media Tease of 2017.

The 20-year-old sparked speculations that she and boyfriend Travis are getting hitched soon with her Snapchat post.

It was only earlier this month that Jenner's pal Hailey Baldwin had fans wondering if her jewellery choices signified an engagement to rumoured BAE, singer Shawn Mendes.

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