More charges in Penn State hazing death

Tim Piazza death investigation: Prosecutor announces new charges

Press conf. today will release new info. on PSU hazing trial

Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller is expected to announce the results of the investigation into the Beta Theta Pi surveillance footage that was deleted after Timothy Piazza's death.

Beta Theta Pi brothers gave their pledge 18 drinks in an hour and 22 minutes, surveillance video from the basement of the fraternity house shows.

Piazza, an engineering student from Lebanon, New Jersey, died on February 4 after consuming a unsafe amount of alcohol and suffering fatal injuries when he tumbled down flights of stairs. Fraternity brothers had previously told police the video system in the basement was not working during the ceremony.

Piazza fell down basement steps during a night of excessive drinking, police said.

New hazing and manslaughter charges have been filed relating to death of 19 year old Timothy Piazza.

Numerous charges the district attorney brought earlier this year had been dismissed, and one lawyer said he was outraged that his client would have to defend himself again.

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Miller had said at the time that she planned to refile charges and denied there was prosecutorial overreach because the more serious charges were dropped.

Authorities will be releasing new information into the hazing death at Penn State during a news conference this afternoon.

The judge has allowed the lesser charges to stand, including hazing and providing alcohol to minors. This reeks of malicious prosecution at this point.

He added, "Sometimes tragedies just occur, and they're not crimes". "While I have tremendous empathy for the Piazza family and pray for them every single day as a man and as a father, as a lawyer, I'm outraged that this DA would charge my client again".

"We would like to thank the District Attorney and the State College police for their continued commitment and effort's in finding justice for our son Tim's death", his parents, Jim and Evelyn Piazza, said Monday. He says the new video shows that several people knew exactly what happened. Instead he was killed at the hands of those he was seeking friendship from. "The visions of him lying in a hospital bed, battered and bruised, and on life support, looking as if he got hit by a tractor trailer make no sense".

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